12 Feb

Samsung Creates Innovation Research Team

Samsung Creates Innovation Research Team to Make Internet of Things a Reality

Samsung has set up a new research center to focus on drones, robotics, virtual reality and 3D printing. The new research team, part of Samsung’s mobile division will independently focus on enhancing the company’s existing products like robot vacuum cleaners and Gear VR headset built in collaboration with Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Samsung is looking for the long-lasting partnership with the researcher’ team to provide solutions to everyday problems for people.

A Samsung representative told the Korea Times team, the members will have even more authority and independence because their primary purpose is not to build up single devices for about any imminent results, but to build up solutions that Samsung is capable to produce. He added saying that, ‘The team will explore the multiple ways in which technologies can help people’s daily lives for a better future.

The Research team will operate independently with no direct link to the company’s structure and divisions. Korea Times reports that the new team may be a great response to the decline in profits related to company’s Smartphone business.
The Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics, BK Yoon’s plan to create Internet of thing (IoT) environment, where everything is Internet-connected. It’s no longer simply a buzzword repeated for years, but a reality. CEO Yoon seems to have high aspirations for the success of their new project.

Yoon pledged around $100 million in funding for IoT project developers, and said that his company would be wholly IoT capable and Internet-connected within five years.
Samsung representative added, the key to its previous success lies in the fact that the company has released high-tech products in competitive prices. According to the company, they need to constantly explore new ways to meet the people’s needs through updated technological innovations. This is the reason, for which Samsung is putting its sincere efforts to focus on developing solutions embedded with their technologies and components.

Fact is that, as the competition heats up, Samsung’s revenues from its mobile division have experienced a significant decline before the decrease in sales of smartphone devices, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, while its rival such as Apple, Xiaomi, Chinese and Lenovo are gaining more ground.
Probably, the company sees this new research center as a fuel to revitalize its technology sales using company’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing semi-conductors and other components.

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