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Notebooks Buying Guide

Notebooks Buying Guide


Notebooks buying guide – Notebooks / Netbook are the best thing that ever happened to man after the invention of personal computers. With notebooks, you can carry them around and do run several applications on them. The problem comes when you have to pick one from the many available. Here is a simple guide on how to pick the best notebook.

Your budget

Everything we do in life is based on a specific budget. Without the budget, it is hard for people to maintain a sound financial status. The same applies when looking to buy a new notebook. Different brands will have different prices for their notebooks. The prices will also vary based on the features incorporated in the notebooks. The more the features, the more you are likely to pay for the notebook. It does not matter your budget range, sometimes it is possible to get an amazing notebook at an affordable price too.

The size of the notebook

The size of the notebook is based on the personal preference. Some people like the big screens while others will compromise the screen size for portability. The small sized notebooks are usually light and easy to carry around. However, their screen size might always seem to be cramped. The big screen notebooks might not be easily portable, but still can house some power hungry graphics cards and more processors for better performance.

Notebook specs

The other notebook specs include the processing power of a notebook. You want a notebook that has a faster processing power like I5 and I7 or else you will start having regrets soon. Expect a notebook with more processing power to be quite expensive. Consider the amount of RAM available. The RAM is crucial for loading and running a number of programs. The type and size of hard disk are important too. The new solid-state hard disk is faster in its operations than the normal hard disk; however, it is still more expensive.

The battery life

The whole idea of a notebook is that you want something that you use it anywhere. This is why the battery life is important too. Most notebooks have a 6-cell battery. However, 9-cell and 12-cell batteries are slowly replacing them. This means that you get more notebook use time without worrying about the charge. Read about the different reviews about the different notebook brands to learn about the good and the bad about their battery life.

Operating system platform

People will have varied opinions about which are their best operating system platforms. Some will love the Mac OS; others will love Windows and other different types of operating systems. Learn about the notebook capabilities before making a move. It is important to know exactly what the notebook can support before buying it.

Notebook brand

The brand is crucial when picking the right notebook. Quite a number of companies that make notebooks today, but not all of them have the same capabilities. Brands such as Apple have become a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to delivering quality products. HP has improved their notebook designs over the last few years closely follows them. Take the time to learn more a notebook brand before making that final choice.

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