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Make Money Online

Make Money Online – Realistic Ways To Earn 


Make money online – The internet has revolutionized the global social world to a very large extent. People across the globe can interact easily, transfer money, hold meetings, do presentations, carry on conversations, share life experiences and so on.

One of the latest trends on the internet is make money online. There are a lot of realistic ways in which people across the globe can make money online. This paper looks at these various avenues for online money.

Make Money OnlineOnline Surveys

Many companies across the world need feedback on the use of their products and services. They, therefore, invite many people to take surveys for a fee. This is one of the easiest ways to making money online.




Online Marketing

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Many companies are looking for markets for their products and services across the globe. They hire individuals from far and wide through the internet to market their products in their desired markets.

Online marketing includes the use of social platforms to create awareness of a product or service and hence trigger new buyers. Online marketing includes webinar marketing, where one records himself and upload the audio or video on why one should use the products or services of a company.

Freelance Designing

This involves creating a portfolio that showcases your skills, expertise and knowledge on a particular field. The aim should be to meet a niche in a particular field. With time, depending on your abilities and the amount of marketing you do, you can attract a string of clients seeking the services being offered. A good example is that of a professional thesis writer.

Selling stock photos

This is a simple task that is done as a hobby in most cases. It involves uploading decent stock photos online. People search for these photos by keyword. Once they find and purchase the photos, you get an amount of money as payment. It is not one of the lucrative sources to make money online, but it can accumulate a sizable amount of money in a month.

Selling e-books

You can decide to write up e-books aimed at providing an innovative solution to existing desperate situations. Most researchers’ will be interested to buy and learn from the book. If one builds a reputation of writing informative e-books on sensitive issues, selling e-books online can be a worthwhile source of making money online.

Selling an app

The internet provides a marketplace with millions of people. If you can develop an app and advertises it for sale online you could earn a considerable amount of money, depending on the importance of the app, this can generate a good source of online income. Many people are looking for apps that can create more convenience in whatever they do.

Selling Articles

Article writing is one very good source of online money. Many people across the world including students, marketers and small business owners need articles regularly on different topics. One can create a good profile as a good article writer and make big sums of online money through bidding or such jobs in the many available websites and other online platforms that seek such personnel.

Amazon Associates

Pitching products Online Amazon provides a platform for making online money to bloggers and other affiliate marketers. They provide a search tool that finds the right services and products from their website and several ad styles to be displayed on the marketers’ site. Each product purchased through an affiliate marketer’s link earns the marketer a commission.

Free Trading

The internet has provided for online trading platform. This involves signing up to some of the websites that do the business where one meets other traders and trade on shares. This work needs a lot of understanding on the rules of trading. As much as there are several reported scams on online trading, there are several legitimate platforms to trade freely and earn significant sums of online money

Virtual Assistant

A lot of organizations are employing people who work online and perform various tasks including managing calls of an organization, project management, bookkeeping, data entry, research, time management, calendar management among other jobs. This is can be long term and can provide an efficient means of making online money.

Content Writing

Many website developers, marketers, researchers and students are always in need of experts to develop contents for their projects. This is the reason for the establishment of several sites where clients are linked to writers at a fee. Examples of such sites are odesk.com and freelancer.com. Such sites provide regulations and terms of engagement to both parties. It is one of the proven, reliable and very realistic sources of online money

Building websites for others

Many people around the globe are establishing different types of business, organizations and institutions and are in need of customized websites to run their affairs. There are many sites that hook up website designers and such people. Website design experts can also solicit their clients online by themselves. This job earns good online money

Giving Online Lessons

Many people who are gifted in different ways are making a lot of online money by tutoring on how to do different things. They tutor on different issues like playing guitars, how to use some application, how to do some exercises and so on. These people are paid for their services through subscriptions and purchases made on their websites.


If one can develop as an informative blogger on some sensitive issues, the person will attract a large crew of followers who will be visiting the blog to read various articles. As the number increases, one can add can allow ads to run through the blog which pays good online money depending on the traffic the blog attracts. The higher the reputation of the blogger, the greater the potential of making more online money.

Running online consultancy activities and firms

There are many online consultancy companies that do their business purely online. They offer assistance in different activities and dynamic issues. They can provide online counseling services, online legal services, online teaching services, online gigs and other forms of online services. People can be paid to have their opinions on some activities or some products or services as well.

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