09 Feb

latest tech news

latest tech news


Here is the latest tech news trending  in 2015

It seems like many companies have invested a lot of money in creating the best fitness technologies out there. We have seen major smartphone brands getting into the field of fitness with their smart watches and mobile devices. Although the technology seems to need more refinement, this year has seen more companies looking for a way to make it big in the fitness industry. You will now have the capability to monitor your health in real time while training at the gym.

Ambient world

Recently, Amazon released a new product called the Amazon Echo, which is a type of ambient technology. The technology works by using products and services that keep on learning what a customer wants. It’s based on sound among other factors. With this type of technology, it’s easy to predict what a person wants and make it available. Prepare to love the new smart and intelligent world.

Nano particles in the body

This is something you have probably heard in the movies. However it is now becoming a reality thanks to the ever-evolving technology. With the help of the nano particles technology, our bodies could start to make their own self-diagnosis even before we get sick. This improves diagnosis efficiency, which is something that some medical practitionerscan get wrong. Instant disease detection helps in making sure the disease is contained with no further spreading.

3D Meals

It seems good, but still weird for some people to imagine 3D meals. Most people would still be skeptical when they hear about the possibility of having a 3D meal printer. Last year we saw how people liked the idea of having a 3D printer in their homes. Many companies chose to delve into this field of 3D printing. Because of that, we might soon have 3D printed meals on our dinner tables.

For people who do not like cooking this might be their biggest gift ever. Connecting the remaining 4 billion people to the internet It’s been estimated that around 4 billion people are yet to be connected to the internet. Imagine one day with an internet blackout expect to see chaos, especially in the finance departments. This means that it will be hard to make the trading of stocks among other things.

The push to have other people joining the internet is a great way to ensure that more companies get more clients among other things. Connecting 4 billion people is not easy, especially places where there is no infrastructure for internet connection

The future of Digital Currencies

When we first hear about bitcoins, many people could not understand exactly what its importance was. After a few years, people now understand how they work and their value too. It has now caught the attention of several countries and governments who are looking to establish their own digital currencies. It is the only way the governments will have control over some of the money being transacted through the crypto currency platform.

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