11 Feb

Iphone Tips & Tricks


IPhone is a line of Smartphone that has a lot of functions. June 29, 2007 the first generation iPhone was launched and the latest iPhone model is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
The mind dominant part of individuals with iPhones cherishes their iPhones and would never consider utilizing anything else.

The iPhone is a remarkable gadget with several superb attributes; however there are a few secret tricks that you might not have realized existed until now. Here, you have the opportunity to see some iPhone tips and tricks that can help you make things faster and simpler

Some Tips & Tricks


  • Keyboard
    You’ve probably been using your iPhone’s keyboard for a really long time without understanding that it’s really less demanding than you thought to add symbols to your messages, clicking once on the 123 button you will now see ABC button above that after that press symbol #+= slide your finger to choose the symbol you need, once it’s been entered, your keyboard will naturally return again to the letters layout.


  • Stop Music with a Timer
    Some people like to listen to music when getting into bed for the night but drop off to sleep without stopping the music. You can use a clock timer to help you stop the music.
    To do this tap on the clock icon go to timer, when timer ends. Scroll down and tap stop playing. At that point, set a timer of your choice when you want it to stop and tap start.


  • Get your iPhone’s flash to blink whenever you get a message
    If you notice the sound that your phone makes whenever you get a message is not generally enough to attract you there’s an alternate that you can add to the alert light. By going to Settings then to general to accessibility and scroll down to the “Hearing” part (this attribute is intended for individuals with problem of hearing) you can turn on ‘light flash for alerts’ every time you get a message warning, the flash light on your iPhone’s back camera will blink.


  • Erase Last Digit in App Calculator
    Entered the wrong digit in the Calculator application? instead of tapping the Clear [C] button, you can simply swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers to clear the last digit, each swipe will clear the last digit until the number turns into zero


  • Recover moved or deleted messages

Most of us have unintentionally erased or moved a message we didn’t intend to instead of going into the Trash and move it over to your inbox, here’s a much simpler and way.

To do this, give your iOS gadget a shake and you ought to see an Undo dialog box pop up. Tap Undo to return your messages.

  • Direct/Control your iPhone With a Head Turn

The iPhone’s Switch Control is intended to help user with constrained capacity. When the attribute is set up, the gadget can identify head turns as a trigger for various capacities/functions including selecting something, moving to the next or previous alternative, mirroring a home key/button tap or press, call up Notifications, engage (Siri), or altering the volume.
To try this, go to settings – general – accessibility to switch control to Switches, and choose a left or right head movement. At that point select an activity to compare to. Retreat/back out from the menu to the switch control screen, and toggle “switch control” to the “on” position. Right now test it out by putting the phone in-front of you, facing forward, and turning your head in front of the camera.

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