07 Apr

ipad 2-3-4 – Air – Mini


iPad’s are a series of very popular and demanded products manufactured and sold by Apple. Since their initial release in 2010, Apple have managed to sell over 200 million ipad, ipad 2, and ipad Air tablets. Now one of the most used devices of our time’s while bringing even more fame to the company.

The ipad tablets are known for their wide range of functions and Apps that include shooting videos, taking photos, playing music, and performing all sorts of Internet-related functions such as browsing the internet and sending e-mails.

Furthermore, they have other Apps such as games, social networking, GPS navigation, and many more that can be downloaded and installed.

This has made the iPad a device that can be used for both work and entertainment.
it’s a really amazing device that provides great flexibility thanks to the wide range of Apps.

However, there are many hidden functions that the tablet can perform. Here you can see some great tips and tricks that you can try on your iPad/Air that will make your life even easier.

  1. One of the most reliable and efficient functions not many people use is creating folders. This allows for storing many similar apps in one place, providing much more free space on the display of the iPad and also makes access easier to certain apps that you might want to use.
  2. Dividing the applications on the iPad into different folders that hold games, work, and social, for instance, is a great way for you to navigation through the tablet even easier than before. This is a great tip that is very easy and simple to do, yet many people tend to overlook it. A great way that you can ease your life is to use the Home Sharing functionality of the iPad 2 and iPad Air. They allow you to listen to your music or watch videos that are on your computer through your tablet without having to transfer them.
  3. It is a very neat trick that provides you with greater portability while not taking up additional space from the limited storage of the device.
    One thing that all people use every day are the different apps on their iPads.
  4. All of the apps that you use come with built-in notifications that pop up at certain times. This can be very useful at times, however, there might be times when this might interfere with your work or break your concentration, notifications can be controlled so that the user can choose which ones are going to pop up on the iPad. This way you can make sure that you will only get notifications about the important things and not have to worry about the other unnecessary spam coming from certain apps certainly, the Find My Phone function is one thing that not many people use or activate.
  5. This is an App that allows the user to find their iPhone, iPad, or even iPod by using another similar device. This provides greater security than any other function that you could find on tablets or even smartphones.
  6. Even if you lose your tablet or smartphone you can rest assured that the App will be able to track it down and pinpoint it’s location. It’s good to know this because you never know if any loss happen that leaves you without your tablet.
  7. The new and improved Apple keyboard that the iPad 2 Air provides with additional functionality such as copying and pasting a word, and even replacing it.
  8. This is much easier when you are trying to recreate a text, or your simply too tired to bother typing every word.

The iPad tablets are all remarkably good devices that have been designed to provide users with more flexibility and easier way to work and have fun. They have lots of neat little secrets such as the ones mentioned above give them a try and make your life easier.

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