iPad iPhone Screen Repairs hull – Does your iPad iPhone, or iPod have a cracked, heavily scratched, or broken screen? Need your repair done quickly and professionally? Our happy customers asked if we could also repair their Apple devices! as well as their computers so we added this service for existing and new customers 4 years ago we have repaired 1000’s of Apple device since. Same day Repair Service. Call or text                         07506925147

At Computer Repair Hull IPhone, IPad screen repair is something we do everyday we understand how important your Apple device is to you. Not only is it just your phone, it’s your entertainment, it’s your calendar, it’s your video player, it keeps you connected to the internet wherever you are. In the computer and internet based era we live in now, damaging your screen can be absolutely devastating so getting your repair done quickly as possible is crucial. That’s where A1 Computer Repairs comes in.

Don’t Run The Risk of Permanent Damage With Home Repairs

One of the first thoughts that cross people’s minds when they realize they have cracked scratched, or broken their iPhone screen is that they should do it themselves. While there are methods and kits available for home ipad IPhone screen repair, doing the job correctly is not easy.

Your iPhone is as complicated as a desktop computer or laptop but everything is extremely compact inside the casing. If you make one small mistake when trying IPhone, IPad screen repair you could accidentally cause a lot more damage to your device void it’s warranty (or even destroy it completely).

Just like you wouldn’t risk completing advanced computer repair by yourself, allowing a professional service engineer to repair your device will mean there’s no risk in permanent damage and you get your’s back as good as new.


Let A Professional Computer Repair Company take care of your iPhone & iPad Screen Repairs

While there are many computer and laptop repair companies out there that claim to have the knowledge and expertise to fix a wide range of electronic devices, many of these businesses don’t specialize in ipad iphone screen repairs or employ a qualified Apple technician or even use genuine or Grade A replacement parts.

Our expert technicians have been in the computer repair industry for over 15 years and have successfully repaired and serviced many many devices including computers and laptop, more importantly Our happy customers asked if we could also repair their Apple device so we added that service to. We know exactly what it takes to properly repair your iDevice we only use trusted and genuine suppliers when ordering stock unlike others repair stores who use part’s from any ebay supplier, fast repairs means you can get back to your email, shopping, and gaming without having to use the laptop or desktop.

Get Your Device Back Quickly!

We know how important it is for you to have your mobile phone back in working order. As busy as you are, having easy access to the internet, calls, calendars, and other features are essential. That’s why we treat every order as if it were our own to ensure you not only get high quality results, but you get your phone back extremely quickly as well.

With many online companies you are forced to send your device in to a large warehouse, eventually have it sorted along with hundreds of other damaged devices, have it diagnosed, wait for the parts to be ordered, have it repaired, and then have it mailed back to you. This could take days or even weeks from some companies.

At A1 Computer Repairs Hull, we will take care of your ipad iphone screen repair the same day, most iPhone’s booked for repair before 11-00 am are returned by the end of the working day, so you don’t have to be glued to your laptop all day. All you have to do is get in touch with us, tell us the make and model number of your device and we take care of it from there. We will have the parts to repair your device the same day. There are no hidden fees or extra charges; you can get back to using your device tomorrow.


Save Money With Independent Repair Services

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod that no longer has a warranty, taking your device into the nearest Apple store around Hull will result in one of the employees offering to repair the device for an extremely expensive fee, we know we have already called lots of repairs shops.

These employees are paid to sell you new products, so increasing the repair fee for devices that are not under warranty make it easier for them to convince you to just upgrade to a new device. By using a professional computer repair company to replace your broken screen you will not have to worry about pushy salesmen or unrealistic pricing on your device.


book Your iPhone iPad and other devices, screen repair with us today

If you need your ipad iphone screen repair done quickly, all you have to do is give us a call and one of our professional technicians will take care of your device and book it in with our Apple tech who will get your iPhone repaired and back to you the same day. There’s no fuss, no hidden fees. Give us a call today and get back to using your device tomorrow.  

(Don’t risk voiding your warranty on your Apple device! letting any computer repair or Facebook user’s open your device voids warranty… let our Apple Authorized Technician repair your device, call us today)

How to identify your IPhone

Please check the back of your IPhone under the apple logo and the BOLD IPHONE, you will see a line that end Model (A1387) ect, this is a IPhone 4s it will help if you have this number when calling.

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