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Things To Interest Young Children

children’s learning place – If you are a teacher or work with young children you might sometimes struggle to find the best ways to keep children interested. You can do this in lot’s of fun ways that children will love. First of all what you have to do is to find out what are the things that interest young children of certain ages. After you do this you have to come up with fun ways to turn things of interest into a fun game where they can learn different things. If you cannot come up with your own games here are some examples that we have provided for you.

Young children are always interested in animals so to help them learn all about different animals, make up some cards and turn learning animals into a game. You can separate them in groups, show cards and give points for every correct answer. After they learn the names of the animals you can practice describing different animals. Ask them questions such as which one is bigger, which one is stronger, which one is friendlier and other questions that you can come up with.

School is a place children go and possibly be the most fun place that they will go for years. You can use this as an exercise to teach them about directions. Have them draw maps, or you could draw one for them, and ask them to draw direction from their home to school. After that ask them to explain the routes with body movements, such a turn right at the supermarket go straight forward etc.


Asking children what they like to do with their friends. You can include basic activities such as dancing, riding bicycles or going to school. Have them write a short story with the things that they are planning to do with their friends. You can also put different action in a picture and have them match it to a friend by asking them different questions.

Children love talking about bikes because each one of us as a young child experienced learning to ride a bike as the most fun thing you do in your childhood. Apart from walking It is also the first thing the children use as a first mean of transport. You can discuss different means of transportation and different concepts of transport, such as speed or distance by asking them questions such as “How far do you ride to school?” or “How fast do you get home?”

Young children really love sweet things especially cake and ice cream.  You can use this craving as an exercise to learn the verbs like love and want. You can also teach children different flavors of ice cream and cake’s, different serving methods, different sizes etc. To make it even more fun you can take polls to find out which ice cream flavor did they like the most, what kind of cakes they prefer. You can even surprise them with cake and ice cream just make sure that this will be okay with parents.


Young children have a lot of things they are interested in. These things can vary and can be very different from one another but you need to take all of these things into consideration and use them

Young children are always interested in their parents. You can use this interest to try to make it a fun way to think and learn something new for example, you can give them cards with different activities written on them like washing clothes, going to work, cooking. You can even help them learn the time as well with these cards by asking them at what time did your parents do the specific activities.

Young children are always interested in talking about their brothers and sisters. You can turn this into an activity by asking them to describe their brother or sister and this way they can learn to form simple sentences and learn a lot of new adjectives as well.

Among some of the first things that a child learns is when their birthday is. You can use this to help them learn dates, you can ask them to write down there parents birthday,also brothers or sisters and then your own birthday as well then you can play a memory game to help them remember when their birthdays are with the correct form of how a date should be written.

Young children always show interest in scary stuff. You can use this as an exercise where they will practice sharing a story of the scariest thing that has ever happened to them. ask them to the write this down or draw a scary picture.

Young children love to paint and draw different things. Use this as an exercise to teach them about colors for example, draw a rainbow with all colors that they have in their coloring box and ask them to write the name of the color in each line of the rainbow, this will be fun for them as they will get to use every color that they have they will also learn the names of different colors.

Children love to dance to fun music so play music and let children dance, music has a lot of rhythmic beats this helps to activate the part of the brain the absorbs language. while children dance ask them touch the parts of their body that you will say out loud this way they can have fun, using some of the energy that they have stored inside them while learning body parts.


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